Our company BAKELAS S.A. is an authorized distributor of CLORIUS CONTROLS, and together with Clorius serving the Greek market, providing valves, actuators, and comprehensive control solutions supporting various marine and industrial applications. Aside from the exhaustive assortment of control valves and actuators, Clorius provides tailored solutions, including electric, pneumatic, self-acting and internally sensed control systems to meet the specific requirements set by the customers.

Clorius’ products are designed to meet the tasking requirements and are constructed with premium materials ensuring longer life cycle, minimal maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Clorius was founded in 1902 and commenced work on developing and producing a range of self-acting temperature controllers, a line that exists more than a century later. Today, Clorius is a global leader in development and production of controls for temperature and pressure.

For more than a century Clorius is producing products about monitoring, controlling and regulating heat, cooling and ventilation within offshore, marine, industry, building and utility applications. Understandably, the products and the technology have gone through a dynamic development, and today Clorius offers an up-to-date product range to match needs for reliable, economic and user-friendly solutions.

Clorius Controls continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship and the focus of the company is to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that defines it.