Our company, Bakelas S.A., was established in 1992, and within a short period of time, became one the largest and most comprehensive supplier of mechanical industrial – plumbing equipment in Greece.

  • Our complete range of products includes equipment for steam, water, thermal oil, liquid and gas systems, as well as complete systems of electronic controls and automation, and energy saving.
  • Our technical know-how, our immediate response, our pre-sales and after-sales services together with the experience of our engineers, guarantee excellent levels of customer satisfaction, by ensuring reliable and responsible solutions.

In our attempt to secure quality assurance of our products, we have succeeded in establishing exclusive representations of major manufacturers abroad.

  • Our persistence in the high quality of our products and services has gained us the trust of the largest industrial, technical and construction firms in Greece, and we continue on a steady upward course fueled by the dynamic that our clients’ confidence gives us.

As part of our commitment to excellent customer services, we recently successfully completed a project pertaining to the ‘Survey of Steam traps’ in refinery units.

Our company, although commercial in character, in which sales have an integral part, is able to also provide services, such as these that help our clients better understand the intricacies of steam, and translate into greater efficiency!

What does this mean? It means we have specialized technicians who are able to survey your steam system set up, identify issues that relate to energy loss (and cost incurrence as a result of this), and make informed recommendations to correct the deficiencies, specific to your network, with guaranteed results.

We have a proven track record with the major Greek refineries, who have trusted our expertise in the field, and have made cost and energy savings as a result of this.

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