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Energy Saving Studies

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At Bakelas S.A we provide surveying and auditing services that aim at the securing the best possible energy performace of your network through energy saving & conservation processes.

The industrial sector is responsible for about 25% of the total energy consumption in Greece. Today, there is a strong focus on the appropriate use of energy and the potential available for conserving energy in the industry. The requirements for reducing the cost of the end product are high, therefore leading many industrial units to implement energy conservation programs. Additionally, energy conservation measures can greatly lessen environmental impact via emissions due to the reduction of fuel consumption.

Following our many years of experience in steam systems, our company conducts energy conservation surveys that result in solutions with the primary objective of upgrading energy processes in steam systems, thus curbing the energy demands of industrial units and, by consequence, the operational cost of the plant.


  1. Our mechanical engineers visit the industrial site for a network inspection.
  2. They identify the potential for energy conservation through data collection.
  3. The data is reviewed and analyzed.
  4. A technical and financial study ensues (in which we calculate energy recovery, economic investment figures, and the overall energy savings program depreciation).
  5. We evaluate the study’s findings.
  6. We submit a detailed performance report containing recommendations and propositions.
  7. We go on to materialize the report’s recommendations for achieving optimum energy conservation.

For more information and suggestions on energy-saving steam systems - condensate please contact us.

Energy Saving Studies