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Steam Trap Inspection

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In this article we show you the potential of controlling the operation of the steam and condensate networks by controlling your plants’ steam trap performance. Our experienced engineers take measurements and inspect your installation’s grid with the help of GESTRA equipment. A periodic trap testing program can help us identify many issues that may occur during operation. This is a relatively brief and financially viable process.

Frequent testing has shown an overall reduction of energy loss by over 75% in large facilities such as refineries. In all kinds of industries, a periodic steam trap check is enough to minimize energy losses and identify any network problems.

Our company has over 30 years of experience inspecting steam networks, creating databases that map a large number of audited steam traps.

The new, ultrasonic explosion-proof instrument "GESTRA VKP40plus EX '' enables us to evaluate steam traps without human intervention, using ultrasound agents in combination with measurable temperature. It also takes into account the type of steam trap, the installed steam network, and its application. Measurement can be undertaken on all kinds of steam traps and manufacturers.

Steam Trap Inspection

The VKP40plus EX consists of a touch sensor that is connected to a wireless com box, which in turn sends information via Bluetooth to a handheld computer. Measurements reveal the amount of steam that is leaking, in case the steam trap is defective, as well as earthworks (leveling/grading), back-filling /back-pressure, or other errors in the event that the steam trap is blocked.

Our company will work to eliminate the problems of your steam and condensate system. This will save you cost, time and effort. The result will improve the performance and quality of your installation.