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Our company offers training seminars and consulting services at our clients’ headquarters, for imparting our know-how of steam-condensate networks to our clients’ engineers.

The seminars are oriented towards the interests of the technical personnel of your site, placing great emphasis on the exchange of experience regarding steam systems.

The main purpose of these seminars is to transfer our technical expertise to you, for securing the proper, safe and efficient use of steam.

Part of the seminar is to examine various practical examples already applied in industries, in order to discuss their problems and solutions.

Our seminars combine theory and practice, with particular focus on the following:

  • Fundamental principles of steam and condensate systems.
  • Sizing and design of pipe lines.
  • Basic principles of steam traps.
  • Efficient use of energy in steam systems.
  • Special equipment for heat recovery.
  • Boiler automation and operation.
  • Frequent problems in steam systems and corrective measures.
  • Training Seminars